About the Book

The book opens with two bombings, one in London and one in New York, and MI5 trying to work out how they could have missed the signs of an imminent attack.

It also features Simon Barr, an MI5 agent who has been stuck in an Italian prison for the past four years, abandoned there by the agency after a mission went wrong.

When MI5 hear from a man claiming to be the bomber, Simon might just be their only hope of catching him before it’s too late.

With a world-wide plot involving the FBI, Russian gangsters and a money-laundering family, The Procurer will leave you guessing until the very end.


About the Author

The Procurer is the first novel from Richard Smith, a full time web-developer from Stonehouse in Scotland. Inspired by his love of heist films, and aided by his knowledge of geography and technology, the book is the epitome of writing what you know. Richard lives with his wife and son and is already planning his next book.